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The New Media Institute is an interdisciplinary academic unit dedicated to exploring the critical, commercial and creative dimensions of emerging technologies. UGA's largest certificate program, The New Media Certificate aims to teach undergraduate and graduate students how to be "techknowledgeable." In other words, students who graduate with this certificate have a thorough understanding of emerging media.

I began my journey with the NMI during the second semester of my first year here at UGA. The classes I have taken have pushed me to find new interests that I never would have discovered otherwise all while making me more capable of navigating the ever-changing technology that surrounds us more and more each day. From diving into the vast world of coding with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to discovering my credit score to learning about the future of augmented and virtual reality, I have gained exposure to so many interesting topics.

The way that techology is interwoven through our lives, both subtley and obviously, is fascinating. Getting to explore the ins and outs of how it came to be where it is now and predicting where we will head in the future has been eye-opening. I have truly enjoyed learning about the crazy innovations that have become parts of our everyday lives. The NMI has taught me useful skills that I am sure to use as technology continues to grow and develop and become more ingrained into our society. Thanks to this certificate program, maybe I'll be able to figure it out along the way.

New Media Capstone

For this final step in my New Media journey, I was in my capstone class during my final semester at UGA in Spring 2022. I worked alongside my incredible teammates to create Georgia Seafood On My Mind, a brand to promote local seafood in Georgia. We developed a logo and branding guidelines, created social accounts, and curated video and photo content to market the Georgia coast and proprietors of unique coastal seafood restaurants to promote culinary adventures throughout the state. We passed off the promotional and marketing material to the individual proprietors as well as posting it across our social accounts.

This project developed throught the What's The Hook? seafood pitch competition led by the Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant. It was designed to generate innovative ideas that support Georgia’s working waterfronts and seafood products, and the GSOMM concept won.

Over the course of the semester, I served primarily as the Social Media Manager. My main job functions included creating the social accounts, scheduling out content, taking pictures and creating graphics, and analyzing social engagement to gain followers and further the brand's mission.

New Media and TED

This class is, in my opinion, one of the coolest classes that the NMI offers. Along with my other classmates, I got the chance to help curate a TED Talk while learning about the work that TED does and how to best present to an audience. I have always loved public speaking and it's actually what gave me the idea to pursue a career in television news broadcasting, so this class was right up my alley. I got to learn about what elements make up a great and effective presentation from how to write an engaging script to how to most effectively create a slide deck.

The beauty of this course is that it didn't even feel like going to class. I got to watch TED Talks for homework and I got to have conversations with my presenter and my curation team about a really interesting subject. While none of it really felt like work, I recognize that I was continually developing my skills and learning about what makes an effective speaker and an informative and engaging presentation.

New Media Production

Free Code Camp

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Web Fonts




NMIX 2020 Final Project

HTML and Bootstrap

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Project 4


I took this course in fall 2019 and it absolutely sparked a new interested (and an obsession to constantly update and maintain my portfolio since the day I started it). To be honest, going into this class I was extremely nervous. I had taken AP Computer Science in high school and quickly decided that coding was simply not in my wheelhouse. This class changed that thought quickly.

By learning how to design and develop web products in this class, I gained a new interest and set of skills that I'm really proud of. Thinking of how I walked into the classroom on the first day of drop/add week with little to no coding knowledge (sorry to my AP CompSci teacher - I promise I tried) vs. walking out on the last day with a working knowledge of and comfortability with HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and so much more still impresses me.

Through the work shown above, you can see how I developed my skills over the months I was in the course. What I'm most proud of is the culmination of what I learned demonstrated in the final project, which was a website I designed for my friend using Bootstrap. Putting my newfound knowledge to use in a practical, hands-on way was really rewarding, and I even got to experiment with a new hosting system and refreshed myself on how to set up a new domain. Overall, this class revealed a new interest I had and bolstered my confidence in my "tech-knowledgability."

Digital Brown Bag

I took this course in spring 2019 as my very first class in the New Media Institute. While enrolling in it as a freshman was a little non-traditional, I think it really made me feel prepared to enter into a new stage of life as I was still getting settled in college. Megan Ward lovingly refers to it as "Life 101", which couldn't be more accurate. I learned about the importance of credit, how to navigate insurance policies and 401ks, interview effectively, and reflect on my specific personality and how to interact and communicate with others.

This course was a breeze, but it was clear throughtout the entire semester that I was learning about something new each and every day. I think the coolest thing about this class was that it really did teach life skills that I am certain I will need to know in the future. There was nothing abstract about it; I learned practical skills that I was (and still am) certain I will be putting to use in the near future.

JOUR3380 - Journalism Graphics

This class counted both for my journalism degree and as a new media elective. I was initially a little disappointed that I wasn't able to take the graphics class through the NMI, I quickly fell in love with this course. It was taught by the incredible Dr. Amanda Bright with Grady College, who is absolutely phenomenal, and I really learned so much. I got to experiment with so much new technology and I got to design for different platforms. From fine-tuning my Adobe Illustrator skills to using Audiogram and KnightLab's StoryMap for the first time, I got to explore the graphics world in a lot of different ways.

I got to do this while also learning about the fundamental aspects of designing with purpose, which was a key part of the course. Along with my classmates, I quickly learned to constantly consider 'PAM', which stands for purpose, audience, and message. For each of my designs, I was tasked with writing a rationale to explain my design choices and why I made certain graphic decisions. This not only ensured that I was constantly keeping PAM at the front of my mind, but it also helped bolster my confidence in myself and help me learn to advocate for my work and my decisions.

My favorite project in this course was the second one we did where I got to design a newspaper and magazine cover. For someone who worked at The Red & Black - a local student-run newspaper - for three years, I was shocked by how little I understood about newspaper designing. Dr. Bright quickly helped remedy that and I learned about design elemennts that are key in presenting information in a way that is easy to digest and visually appealing, all while practicing sound news judgement in story ranking. This class was a highlight of my fall 2020 semester, even though much of it was taught on Zoom!

JOUR4090 - Multiplatform Story Production

This class counted both toward my journalism degree and as an elective for the New Media Certificate. In this class, I got the chance to report in a way I hadn't before in a few different ways. Most notably, I got to spend the entire semester in spring 2021 diving in to two stories. While I have reported many times before both in and outside of class, I have always worked on a relatively quick turnaround. This class gave me the opportunity to really dig deep into a subject - the opioid epidemic - which was a great experience and really helped me learn a lot.

Additionally, I got to develop my technical skills. While I had lots of experience with Premiere Pro, I got to further refine my skills in my Roadside Recovery video news package. Although I was familiar with Premiere, I had never used Adobe Audition before and I got the chance to familiarize myself with it for the Isolation audio story. Outside of just using Audition, I had never made a story for a strictly listening audience, so I liked getting experience in that realm. All in all, I am super happy with the work that I produced and with all that I learned both as related to media production and reporting.