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The journalism major prepares students for jobs in news organizations. Students learn to find and tell stories that matter on multiple platforms for a variety of audiences. They develop storytelling skills in audio, visual and written forms. They learn what makes a story important, how to gather credible information, and how to present it in the most effective way while balancing the ethical and legal needs of news organizations and audiences. Grady Journalism graduates are prepared to be leaders and media entrepreneurs. Our graduates excel at jobs in online media, television, magazines, newspapers, and any career that values ethical, credible communication skills and leadership.

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JOUR5090 - Grady Newsource

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JOUR5090 - Oct. 4, 2021


JOUR5090 - Oct. 4, 2021

Weather Forecast

JOUR5090 - Nov. 3, 2021


JOUR5090 - Nov. 22, 2021

JOUR5280 - Advanced Video Production

JOUR4090 - Multiplatform Story Production

JOUR3280 - Intro to Video Journalism

JOUR3380 - Journalism Graphics

JOUR3090 - Information Gathering